Back Home!!!


I am home from four months of traveling. I am tired and jet-lagged, but that is beside the point. I am from a small town of 6,000 people to living in a city with about three million people. The big city life definitely challenged me since I am a relatively shy person.

Spending four months away from everything is very challenging, but it builds you into a better person. I have learned so much about myself. I am coming home changed. I am not the same person who left four months ago.

The girl months ago had high anxiety and at one point could never leave the house. She left with the little courage she had to explore the world. It took everything she had, but she conquered almost every obstacle that came her way.

I am returning with my anxiety more controlled and more fearless. I am coming back with different ideas that I want to achieve and become. I am gearing towards becoming a minimalist and vegetarian.

I believe that traveling makes you humble and I highly suggest that someone travel to a place they’ve never been before. Every time I return home to my home country, I realize how lucky I am. I have food to eat, clean water and a place to sleep. I have everything I need and more. This trip as taught me so much…. More than I could ever explain in words.

I want to become a minimalist because for the past four months I have lived out of one suitcase. We had a very simple living space. I have realized that all the things I have collected over the years really have no use to me at all. For the four months I have been away, they have been collecting dust and I haven’t thought about them once.

I want to become a vegetarian (and later down the road vegan) because we have eaten simple food without all the preservatives and added sugars. I feel better than before and I want to even better.

The most important lesson I learned was that I rather collect memories and experience than items that will just create dust.


Photo Credit: Olivia Wyman

Hi, my beautiful friends,

There will not be a post today since I will be traveling back to my home country today. Today I will have to wake up at 1:30 am to catch our flight leaving Azerbaijan at 5:00 am. My family and I will not be arriving home until very late tonight. I hope all of you have an excellent Wednesday. I have a special post for you Saturday… so stay tuned.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Photo Credit: Olivia Wyman

My family and I spent four days in Tbilisi, Georgia last week. We arrived in Tbilisi midday Thursday and left early Sunday morning. I was fascinated with all the architecture and the history that this beautiful city was holding. Though our visit was short, we managed to visit lots of places: Freedom Square, Old Tbilisi, rode the Gondola and the Funicular. The Georgian food was absolutely delicious and I wish I could’ve eaten more.

You can see the full blog post here!




Photo Credit: Olivia Wyman


As you may know by now is I love traveling. I’ve written about my love for traveling, multiple times. As much as I love traveling you may have noticed that I haven’t written any travel posts. I’m sorry, but my life has been a little bit crazy lately because I’ve been traveling since the end of January.

I thought I should tell you that right now as you are reading this I am in beautiful Azerbaijan so I am not in my home country, the United States. I will be leaving Azerbaijan May 31st to go back to the United States. You might have wondered why I haven’t mentioned this? Well, because all my travel posts about Azerbaijan are in a completely different blog which is linked below.

If you want to follow my crazy adventures, please follow my blog. The site I used Wix for this one since I hadn’t yet discovered WordPress. I post a lot of photos and write about my adventures. I also post some pictures of my adventures on Instagram. I hope everyone is having an excellent Wednesday!