Spanish Update #1


It has been exactly one month since I started learning Spanish. I absolutely love learning Spanish and look forward to it every day. I am obsessed with the Spanish language. I mentioned this before, I am learning Spanish without any teacher. I am using a couple of apps along with my best friend Good Translate to help grasp this beautiful language. So here we go.

Hola! Es un placer conocerte. Me llamo Oliva y soy de los Estados Unidos. Soy estadounidense. Si, hablo un poco de español.


Hello. It it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Olivia and I am from the United States. I am American. Yes, I can speak a little bit of Spanish.


If you are a native Spanish speaker please feel free to correct me. I just wanted to practice writing my Spanish. I know more phrases than this but they have to do with meeting someone and directions. Adios.



Hi, Friends!

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve decided to teach myself Spanish. Of course, I will not have any type of formal lessons but I hope through YouTube videos, apps and books, I will be able to!

In high school, I took four years of Mandarin Chinese but I didn’t get that far. When I was a freshman the Mandarin was just starting. In Mandarin I, there were only nine students in the first semester and six in the second. By Mandarin II there were only eleven students who decided to continue their studies in Mandarin. By the junior year, they didn’t have enough students for Mandarin III so I tried independently studying. I tried learning Mandarin by myself with the assistance of the Mandarin teacher but I always just ended up working on my English homework instead of furthering my education in the Mandarin language. My senior year of high school I was the only student who made it to Mandarin IV (others were at that level but couldn’t take it due to scheduling) so I got personal lessons. The moral of the story, I did have four years of Mandarin but I didn’t get quite the proficiency if I would’ve taken Spanish or French, which has already been quite established languages at my school.

I’ve always wanted to learn the Spanish language and loved how pretty everything sounded. I know the road is long and hard but I am up for the challenge. To me, it is so important to know more than one language. Knowing another language has multiple job benefits as well as health benefits. Also, I’m obsessed with the Spanish culture and hope to visit a Spanish speaking country after I can speak some Spanish! I can’t wait to see where my Spanish speaking skills will take me and of course, I want to take all of you along for the ride! I hope you all are having an excellent week and I’ll talk to you real soon!