Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift


This song was one of the first Taylor Swift songs I listened to, back in 2011 (when I first discovered her). This is an older Taylor Swift song, but I love it nonetheless.

Cory’s eyes are like a jungle

He smiles, it’s like the radio

He whispers songs into my window

In words that nobody knows

There’s pretty girls on every corner

That watch him as he’s walking home

Saying, “Does he know?”

Will you ever know?

My special someone has beautiful eyes and tells me things that no one will understand mostly because we are the biggest nerds on the planet earth. We talk and text for hours about everything. His smile is absolutely everything. Sometimes, I wonder if he knows that he so special.

You’re beautiful

Every little piece love,

And don’t you know

You’re really gonna be someone,

Ask anyone.

And when you find everything you looked for

I hope your life lead you back to my door

Oh, but if it don’t,

Stay beautiful

I want my special someone to stay beautiful. He is beautiful, smart, funny, understanding and everything in between. He truly will become someone amazing because he is already amazing right now. I am so grateful to know a soul like his. My biggest hope is after he has gotten where he wants to be, that he will remember me and that we will see each other again. I know he is really special, but I wish the rest of the world knew it, too.

Cory finds another way to be

The highlight of my day

I’m taking pictures in my mind

So I can save them for a rainy day

It’s hard to make a conversation

When he’s taking my breath away

I should say, hey, by the way…

My special someone always manages to make my day brighter and better. He is always the highlight of my day. I hope I’m not the only one, but I save our memories so when I am having a bad day, I can look back at them. When I am talking to him in person it is always hard to talk to him because he is constantly taking my breath away… almost to the point where conversations are hard to continue. I swear that my smile is ten times bigger when I am with him.

If you and I are a story

That never gets told

If what you are is a daydream

I’ll never get to hold,

At least you’ll know…

I doubt that anyone will know our love story or how much I care for him. I would like for him to know at some point how much he means to me.

It Ain’t Me by Kygo (feat. Selena Gomez)


It Ain’t Me by Kygo (feat. Selena Gomez) is such a powerful song. In one aspect this song about a friend that I lost and in another aspect, it is about my brother who is very troubled. Whenever I listen to this song, I get very emotional, because both of these scenarios are very difficult situations for me to think about.

I had a dream

We were sipping whiskey neat

Highest floor, the Bowery

And I was high enough

Somewhere along the lines

We stopped seeing eye to eye

You were staying out all night

And I had enough

My friend and I stopped seeing eye to eye at the end of senior year. I tried to keep our friendship together because I wanted her to still be my friend. She is amazing and she made me stronger, who could stand to lose someone like this? I was finished with her excuses, lies and the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to be her friend.

No, I don’t wanna know

Where you been or where you’re going

But I know I won’t be home

And you’ll be on your own

Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?

Who’s gonna rock you when the sun won’t let you sleep?

Who’s waking up to drive you home when you’re drunk and all alone?

Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?

It ain’t me

My younger brother has some mental problems and is very difficult to be around. Some days I feel like I just want to leave and forget about him completely. I really don’t care where he is headed, but all I know I won’t be there to deal will all the problems. He will have to figure out to take care of himself without the help from my mother and me.

I had a dream

We were back to seventeen

Summer nights and The Libertines

Never growing up

I’ll take with me

The polaroids and the memories

But you know I’m gonna leave

Behind the worst of us

After my friend and I split, I had nights where I would dream about what our friendship used to be. I will keep all the pictures of us and the memories that we have made together, but I will leave all the worst of us behind. I will let those gather dust and be forgotten forever.

It Ain’t Me (Audio)


It Ain’t Me Music Video

Symphony by Clean Bandit (feat. Zara Larsson)


I’m sure all of you have heard of the Manchester attack and heard how devastating it was. This song is dedicated to all the families that were affected by the terrible event. After the attack, this song immediately came to mind. Those we have lost will never be forgotten, but rather they will live on forever. I can’t imagine what these families are going through and I won’t try and understand because I will never know the pain.

I’ve been hearing symphonies

Before all I heard was silence

A rhapsody for you and me

And every melody is timeless

Life was stringing me along

Then you came and you cut me loose

Was solo singing on my own

Now I can’t find the key without you

I have lost a couple of people in my life. When my grandmother and uncle died, I was fairly young though it still hit me hard. My uncle was a composer, so this song really hits me hard. I could never create music for him, but I have channeled all my pain in my life through writing.

And now your song is on repeat

And I’m dancin’ on to your heartbeat

And when you’re gone, I feel incomplete

So if you want the truth

I just wanna be part of your symphony

Will you hold me tight and not let go?


Like a love song on the radio

Will you hold me tight and not let go?

I will dance for my lost love ones. I feel incomplete without my grandmother and my uncle. I hope they look down and are proud of me. I wish that I could just hug them once more and tell them how much I love them.

I’m sorry if it’s all too much

Every day you’re here, I’m healing

And I was runnin’ out of luck

I never thought I’d find this feeling

‘Cause I’ve been hearing symphonies

Before all I heard was silence

A rhapsody for you and me

(A rhapsody for you and me)

And every melody is timeless

It has been about seven years since I have lost them. Their loss no longer hurts, but I feel like I will always be healing… one way or another.

The victims of the Manchester attack were taken from us too soon, but their memories and spirit will always be with us. They will be remembered for how fearless they are. My thoughts and prays are with you!

You Sound Good To Me by Lucy Hale



Today’s song is “Sounds Good To Me” by Lucy Hale. I am absolutely obsessed with the song and probably have listened to it over 100 times in the last week. oops!

The full moon

Is shining like a spotlight

I could just sit and listen to you talkin’ all night

When you whisper

Yeah, baby, when you lean in

I get a crazy, crazy good kind of feelin’

When you talk to someone you love, you can honestly listen to them talk forever, their voice sounds sweeter and better than anyone else. I could listen to my special someone talk forever. Whenever he talks to me, I get this feeling that is indescribable.

It’s like Amen from the back of the choir

Sweet home of freedom underneath the tires

Kicked back sittin’ by a cracklin’ fire

Strumming them guitar strings

And like an old song on the radio

That you grew up to and everybody knows

Rushin’ of the water when the river rolls

Winding wild and free

Baby, you sound good to me

Baby, you sound so good to me

Mm-m-mm like a melody

Baby, you sound good to me

There are sounds that we hear over and over again, but never get tired of hearing them. I never get sick of bonfires, listening to my favorite song on the radio, listening to the water flow or listening to the wind howl. Just like I will never get sick of listening to my special someone talk.

Tell me

All of your stories

And don’t you leave nothin’ out ’cause baby, I ain’t in a hurry

Every little thing you say

Got a real nice ring to it

The way it rolls off your lips

And oh, when you give me that kiss

I want to hear about his stories, whether he thinks they are boring or not. I could listen to him talk for hours without stopping. Whenever he says something, it always sounds better than when someone else says it.

You Sound Good to Me (Audio)


You Sound Good To Me Music Video

The Best Day by Taylor Swift

50th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so this song is dedicated to all the mothers out there. You may or may not know I am a huge Swiftie and this is one of my favorite songs. The Best Day is about Taylor Swift’s mother. This song is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. This song is so raw and so personal to me I am not going to pick apart the songs like I’ve done in the past.

Thank you, mom, for everything. Every day I am with you, it is always the best day. I love you to the moon and back. I love you so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m five years old/ It’s getting cold / I’ve got my big coat on

I hear your laugh / And look up smiling at you / I run and run

Past the pumpkin patch / And the tractor rides / Look now — the sky is gold

I hug your legs / And fall asleep / On the way home

I don’t know why all the trees change in the fall

I know you’re not scared of anything at all

Don’t know if Snow White’s house is near or far away

But I know I had the best day

With you today

I’m thirteen now / And don’t know how / My friends could be so mean

I come home crying / And you hold me tight / And grab the keys

And we drive and drive / Until we’ve found a town / Far enough away

And we talk / And window-shop / ’Til I’ve forgotten all their names

I don’t know who I’m gonna talk to now at school

I know I’m laughing on the car ride home with you

Don’t know how long it’s gonna take to feel okay

But I know I had the best day

With you today

I have an excellent father / His strength is making me stronger / God smiles on my little brother / Inside and out he’s better than I am

I grew up in a pretty house / And I had space to run /And I had the best days with you

There is a video I found from back when I was three

You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you’re talking to me

It’s the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs

And Daddy’s smart and you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

And now I know why all the trees change in the fall

I know you were on my side even when I was wrong

And I love you for giving me your eyes

For staying back and watching me shine

And I didn’t know if you knew

So I’m taking this chance to say

That I had the best day

With you today

Music Video