July 5th


5. Tell us about your July 4th celebration. Don’t forget the pictures!

Some friends and I met at our local bagel shop for breakfast. I hadn’t seen them in about six months since I left the country at the end of January. We talked for about three hours and I even met one of my best friend’s special someone. It was wonderful catching up and hearing all our crazy adventures throughout our time away from each other. I was also able to give them their presents from Azerbaijan.

Later that afternoon, I went to go help my father and two siblings with the duck race. Our little town sells plastic ducks then they send them all down a little stream. Each duck as a number at the bottom and they all race towards the finish line. The first 250 or so ducks win a prize. The prizes are all locally donated and then collected after the race. My sisters and I helped record the numbers of the winning ducks.

After dinner, my mother, brother and I walked down to a friend’s house to have smores and light sparklers. About three years ago they moved to a different state, but every summer they come back to hang out with my siblings and I. It is absolutely a pleasure to watch them grow up from summer to summer.

There were lots of fireworks even though my family didn’t light any.


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