July 4th


4. July 4th! Here in the US, this is Independence Day. Tell us what independence means to you.

Independence means that one is free to express themselves without oppression. We are free to marry whoever we want. We are free to say anything we want. We are free to become anything we want. We are free to have any job that we want.

Our forefathers fought for our nation to become its own country apart from Great Britain. Millions of women and men have served for our freedom and independence and I owe you much gratitude. My AP History teacher once told me, “Freedom is a tree that is only watered with blood and sacrifice.”  But freedom and independence goes beyond just the soldier and his sacrifice to our country. His family and friends were also sacrificed.

To go beyond even the United States, every soldier when they sign up to serve in their country’s military sacrifices so much more than anyone who hasn’t served will ever know.

Independence is a rarity and one that needs to be fought for until the end of human race. Though are we truly independent?


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