July 3rd


**Sorry this is a couple of days late with my mother’s birthday (July 3rd) and the holiday, I was busy.

3. Would you ever want to run for political office? Why or why not?

I would run for a local political office like mayor or town council. Anything above that I would not like to run because it is too political. The ties and boundaries are so set in stone that no one like me would have a chance. Furthermore, I am Asian, a minority so the United States doesn’t have time for me. I am not interested in running for office either. You need to be outspoken, confident, extroverted and willing to share most of your life with the public. I am neither of these things. I would not be fit to run especially for President. Anyway, President wasn’t even in my cards because I was not born in this country so I’m not even legally allowed to run unless they changed the 10 Amendments which I highly doubt.

Would you ever want to run for President or any political office?


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