Hello, Friends,

I am really sorry for being so inactive, my studies have been keeping me very busy. I thought I would just update you on my last three weeks.

I started my English class Monday (June 11th) and turned my essay the following Monday. Every day, my professor gives us assignments so I was extremely busy. Thursday, June 22nd, my family and I drove down to visit my sister in Maryland. When we arrived in Maryland, I received an email saying that my professor had graded my essay. I GOT AN A!!! I was really happy excited to know that my writing has improved during the last year or so. I spend the next five days with my sister, her husband and her two kids (my niece who is 6 and nephew who is 11). I had loads of fun with my sister’s family. Where my sister lives is more humid and hotter than my hometown. Sadly, I still had homework to do so I spend most nights working on my essay that is due Thursday (June 29th) The last night we were there, we celebrated my mother’s birthday. The next morning, we drove back to Pennsylvania.

I hope all of you have been having an excellent summer. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll I have time to put up some posts because I don’t have any weekend assignments.


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