Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift


This song was one of the first Taylor Swift songs I listened to, back in 2011 (when I first discovered her). This is an older Taylor Swift song, but I love it nonetheless.

Cory’s eyes are like a jungle

He smiles, it’s like the radio

He whispers songs into my window

In words that nobody knows

There’s pretty girls on every corner

That watch him as he’s walking home

Saying, “Does he know?”

Will you ever know?

My special someone has beautiful eyes and tells me things that no one will understand mostly because we are the biggest nerds on the planet earth. We talk and text for hours about everything. His smile is absolutely everything. Sometimes, I wonder if he knows that he so special.

You’re beautiful

Every little piece love,

And don’t you know

You’re really gonna be someone,

Ask anyone.

And when you find everything you looked for

I hope your life lead you back to my door

Oh, but if it don’t,

Stay beautiful

I want my special someone to stay beautiful. He is beautiful, smart, funny, understanding and everything in between. He truly will become someone amazing because he is already amazing right now. I am so grateful to know a soul like his. My biggest hope is after he has gotten where he wants to be, that he will remember me and that we will see each other again. I know he is really special, but I wish the rest of the world knew it, too.

Cory finds another way to be

The highlight of my day

I’m taking pictures in my mind

So I can save them for a rainy day

It’s hard to make a conversation

When he’s taking my breath away

I should say, hey, by the way…

My special someone always manages to make my day brighter and better. He is always the highlight of my day. I hope I’m not the only one, but I save our memories so when I am having a bad day, I can look back at them. When I am talking to him in person it is always hard to talk to him because he is constantly taking my breath away… almost to the point where conversations are hard to continue. I swear that my smile is ten times bigger when I am with him.

If you and I are a story

That never gets told

If what you are is a daydream

I’ll never get to hold,

At least you’ll know…

I doubt that anyone will know our love story or how much I care for him. I would like for him to know at some point how much he means to me.

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