Dear President Donald Trump


I am an American visiting Azerbaijan. It is always interesting when Azerbaijanis find out that my family and I are from the United States. After we tell them where we are from they instantly associate us with our President, Mr. Donald Trump. Even though you have probably never heard of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan does have a connection to President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump decided to have a hotel build in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. Now, as far as I know, the building is vacant and the Trump sign has since been removed. Mr. Donald Trump probably wanted to invest in a hotel since Baku, Azerbaijan was one of the countries wanted to host the 2016 Summer Olympics was eventually held in Rio De Janeiro.


Trump Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan


I have wanted to write about Donald Trump since the election in November, but never got a chance to due to my busy, hectic, crazy life.

***DISCLAIMER: These are all my opinion and my feeling towards President Donald Trump. We are all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts if you disagree comment below. I will be happy to talk more in-depth with you about my opinion. And I mostly certainly will listen to your opinion with an open mind. I have had several of friends who openly stated that they were voting for Trump. Please don’t write hateful comments about me just because you feel me disliking President Donald Trump makes me a horrible person.***

Dear President Donald Trump,

Hello, my name is Olivia. I am 19 years old and going to be a freshman in college this upcoming fall. I am not thrilled that you are president of my country, but I am going to be giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have more up your sleeve than taking away health care from millions of people, changing laws that have benefited the LGBT community and banned some immigrant from coming into our beautiful country.

I followed your campaign trail as well as your opponent’s, Hillary Clinton. I was excited at the thought that a woman could become president. I was very disappointed that she did not win, but that is how democracy works. I voted, exercised my right and who I voted for did not win. After the election, I was completely devastated and hate spread through my body like a wildfire. Weeks went by and all I could think of was you sitting behind your desk imposing laws that would greatly affect me, as an immigrant. I was not born in this country, I was adopted from China and brought to the United States to live a better life, a life I would not be able to live if I was still living in my orphanage back in China. America is the land of opportunity for many countries. America is the land of opportunity for me as well as people around the world.I have had the privilege of traveling to more than six different countries in my short lived life. In at least half of them, people dreamed of coming to America to work and start a family.

I don’t like some of the decisions you have made, but I don’t hate you. After I have met you (if I ever), I think I could formulate a better opinion about you. I have seen videos of you disrespecting people and other videos of children by your side. I really don’t know whether to like or dislike you as a person because the media constantly is changing their minds about you. One minute they support you and another they are trying to make Americans hate you. I did not vote for you and I will stand by that, but I am still giving you a chance whereas many Americans will not. I am still giving you a chance even though you are taking so much from Americans. I will give you a chance until you have proven that I can no longer believe in you and your vision of the American dream.

I dislike that you are hiring people who will stand by you instead of hiring people that will challenge your decisions. I dislike that you are firing people that are excellent at their jobs and have done excellent work for decades. I dislike that you are going to make health care more expensive for people that simply existing conditions like acne, anxiety, pregnancy and migraines. I dislike the way you are treating disabled people as well as the LGBT community. I dislike the way you treat women. I dislike the way you cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

In conclusion, I do not hate you and I don’t have room in my heart to hate a man like you. You are not the person I voted for but that doesn’t mean you are not my president because you are. Please, Mr. President Trump, show Americans why you were voted into office. Don’t show us what you can do with your power because we already know what you are capable of. Treat the United States like a country full of Americans, not a business that has to bring you money. Treat us, Americans, like your family, not your servants.

Sincerely the girl who still believes in you.


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