You Sound Good To Me by Lucy Hale



Today’s song is “Sounds Good To Me” by Lucy Hale. I am absolutely obsessed with the song and probably have listened to it over 100 times in the last week. oops!

The full moon

Is shining like a spotlight

I could just sit and listen to you talkin’ all night

When you whisper

Yeah, baby, when you lean in

I get a crazy, crazy good kind of feelin’

When you talk to someone you love, you can honestly listen to them talk forever, their voice sounds sweeter and better than anyone else. I could listen to my special someone talk forever. Whenever he talks to me, I get this feeling that is indescribable.

It’s like Amen from the back of the choir

Sweet home of freedom underneath the tires

Kicked back sittin’ by a cracklin’ fire

Strumming them guitar strings

And like an old song on the radio

That you grew up to and everybody knows

Rushin’ of the water when the river rolls

Winding wild and free

Baby, you sound good to me

Baby, you sound so good to me

Mm-m-mm like a melody

Baby, you sound good to me

There are sounds that we hear over and over again, but never get tired of hearing them. I never get sick of bonfires, listening to my favorite song on the radio, listening to the water flow or listening to the wind howl. Just like I will never get sick of listening to my special someone talk.

Tell me

All of your stories

And don’t you leave nothin’ out ’cause baby, I ain’t in a hurry

Every little thing you say

Got a real nice ring to it

The way it rolls off your lips

And oh, when you give me that kiss

I want to hear about his stories, whether he thinks they are boring or not. I could listen to him talk for hours without stopping. Whenever he says something, it always sounds better than when someone else says it.

You Sound Good to Me (Audio)


You Sound Good To Me Music Video


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