Photo Credit: Olivia Wyman


As you may know by now is I love traveling. I’ve written about my love for traveling, multiple times. As much as I love traveling you may have noticed that I haven’t written any travel posts. I’m sorry, but my life has been a little bit crazy lately because I’ve been traveling since the end of January.

I thought I should tell you that right now as you are reading this I am in beautiful Azerbaijan so I am not in my home country, the United States. I will be leaving Azerbaijan May 31st to go back to the United States. You might have wondered why I haven’t mentioned this? Well, because all my travel posts about Azerbaijan are in a completely different blog which is linked below.

If you want to follow my crazy adventures, please follow my blog. The site I used Wix for this one since I hadn’t yet discovered WordPress. I post a lot of photos and write about my adventures. I also post some pictures of my adventures on Instagram. I hope everyone is having an excellent Wednesday!


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