Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve


I am always improving and always looking for ways to better myself, but I feel like I need to improve my health and fitness aspect in my life. To be more specific I would like to change my eating habits, become more active and limit my phone use.

I want to change my eating habits. I want to eat healthier and be able to cook healthier as well. I would like to become more vegetarian. My end hope is to become a vegan within the next three-five years.

I would like to be more active. When I graduated high school, all my outdoor activities ended and my exercise as well. I went outside for walks a couple times a week, but other than that, all I did was sit at home. This has grown into such a bad habit because I spend most of my day sitting and doing nothing. I am by no means fat, but I would like to loose some fat and gain some muscle.

I would like to decrease my use of my phone. I received a phone last summer and I went overboard. I am constantly on it instead of going outside or doing something more productive. Over the next few months, I hope to decrease my phone use and use it mostly for photos when I do not have my DSLR with me. I want to limit my social media and nonessential things. I want to enjoy the little things in life instead of being caught up in the social media world.


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