Day 19: Discuss your first love


I have never been “in love” before, though I had several crushes throughout my life.

I guess I’ll describe some of the people I’ve had crushes with. In eighth-grade, I had a huge crush on the guy who’s locker was above me. He was super smart and really good looking. I remember, he would always drop his pencils, but I didn’t mind. They would give me a reason to talk to him. This went on the whole school year and looking back I realized I liked him for the wrong reasons.

My next crush lasted a couple of years. We had English together and spent tons of time doing assignments together. I would frequently help him complete his spelling since he was constantly busy with acting. He was an extremely good actor and he only got greater as time went on. Our English teacher knew we worked so well together that he would constantly pair us up. The relationship was platonic since he had a girlfriend already. In ninth grade, we sat next to each other during Biology. In this semester, I started to “fall in love.” Later that year, I asked him out via a note. He said, “no.” Our relationship went downhill and we broke apart for about a year or so. I believe that part of my heart will always love him. We still were friends until we left for college.

My freshman year of high school, I had a crush on a senior. He was a senior trombone player in the marching band. He was smart, good looking and extremely funny. I might have thought I was in love but I wasn’t in love at all.

After freshman year, I realized that it is better to have really good guy friends than one boyfriend. For me, this still holds true today, I have plenty of guy friends but no boyfriend yet.


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