Day 17: Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you


As you may already know, my zodiac sign is a Sagittarius. I wrote a little bit about my zodiac sign on day 10 when I talked about my love for traveling. If you want to read about it, I will link the post here. I will post character traits of my zodiac sign and tell you whether they relate to me or not.

Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor

Weaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic

I am very generous and very idealistic, but I don’t have a great sense of humor. I make plenty of promises that I don’t keep, but they are usually promises that I’ve made to myself. I can either be very patient or very impatient, there is no in between. I am more on the quiet side so when I do speak I have a point to make.

Sagittarius likes: Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors

I love being free and unattached. I am very independent and I want to be my own boss. As you know, I love to travel. 🙂 I am just starting to getting into philosophy and thinking greater than myself. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the outdoors and preferred it to be indoors.

Sagittarius dislikes: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details

I really don’t like clingy people but to be honest, I would consider myself clingy. I don’t like feeling like I’m constrained or boxed in. I don’t mind off-the-wall theories as long as you have done your research. I am very detailed oriented.

Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. Sagittarius-born are able to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and they will do anything to achieve their goals.

I am not an extrovert. You might think I’m an extrovert when I’m around friends, but I am actually really shy. I am very optimistic and enthusiastic and enjoy change as long as I’m the one who is changing. I don’t like being told to change if I feel like I don’t need to. I want my thoughts to become reality. Right now, I have dreams that are a little bit unusual for my family and friend, but I will do anything to achieve them.

Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius needs to be constantly in touch with the world to experience as much as possible. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac. Their enthusiasm has no bounds, and therefore people born under the Sagittarius sign possess a great sense of humor and an intense curiosity.

When I’m traveling, I feel free and truly myself, in this moment I feel the most in touch with the world and myself. I am so curious and I’m that one person who always has questions, whether I keep them in my head or speak them out audibly is another story.

Freedom is their greatest treasure, because only then they can freely travel and explore different cultures and philosophies. Because of their honesty, Sagittarius-born are often impatient and tactless when they need to say or do something, so it’s important to learn to express themselves in a tolerant and socially acceptable way.

Having freedom is a huge part of my life. I don’t like knowing that I can’t be free. I love exploring different countries and different cultures. I am brutally honest to people. I will not sugarcoat the truth. If you ask me for my honest opinion than you will receive it and nothing but.

Sagittarius is very fun and always surrounded by friends. Sagittarius-born love to laugh and enjoy the diversity of life and culture, so they will easily acquire many friends around the world. They are generous and not one of those who lecture. When it comes to family, Sagittarius is dedicated and willing to do almost anything.

I absolutely love my family, they are my everything. I will always put my family’s wishes before mine. I was born to love, laugh and give. I rarely don’t hate because it takes up too much space in my heart. I have acquired many friends around the globe. I don’t like to lecture people because most times the other person isn’t listening.

When Sagittarius-born visualize something in their minds, the will do everything they can to achieve this. They always know what to say in a given situation and they are great salespeople. Sagittarius favors different tasks and dynamic atmosphere. Jobs such as a travel agent, photographer, researcher, artist, ambassador, importer and exporter suit this free-spirited person.

I have done this many times when I visualize something I will change my whole life to make it happen. People have always told me that I always say what they needed to hear at that moment. I am a free-spirited person. I am currently a photographer and I’ve started looking into becoming a travel agent because I love traveling so much. I can not draw, paint or sculpt, but I am an artist of words.

The fun-loving Sagittarius enjoys making and spending money. Considered to be the happiest sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius does not care much where it will earn the following money. They take risks and are very optimistic. They believe that the universe will provide everything they need.

I feel accomplished when I make money, but I don’t necessary like to spend it. I rather save it for future use. I am a firm believer that the universe will provide everything I need.

In conclusion, I feel that I am a Sagittarius fully and that my zodiac sign fits me very well. Of course, there is plenty of other traits that are not listed here. I am constantly finding new information about my zodiac sign.

All information from Astrology Zodiac Signs


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