Day 16: Something that you miss.


These are the types of beaches that our family would visit when we would go down to visit my grandmother.

Thinking about this topic, I have lots of things I miss whether it be people, memories or feelings, but the ultimate thing I miss the most is my grandmother. My grandmother passed away when I was about twelve years old. The loss of my grandmother was the first time I lost someone close to me. I have heard of my friends loosing family members but never have lost anyone that close to me. I am very fortunate to be able to remember how great she was and remember all the fun times we had together. Every day, I wonder what she would think about my decisions and where my life is going. I miss spending time walking on the beach and collecting seashells. She would always play the greatest games with us. I miss sitting on her lap and telling her about school and everything about our lives. I guess my favorite memory was receiving her handwritten letters. I still have all her letter that she wrote to me and I will sometimes re-read them, they bring me so much joy.


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