Beautiful Imperfection by Natalie Pearson


Hope everyone had a great weekend and wish the best for the upcoming week. Beautiful Imperfection has been constantly on repeat throughout this past week. This song is absolutely beautiful and tells an important message that I think everyone struggles with at least once in their lifetime. Everyone wants to be perfect but as you know that no one truly is “perfect.” We, as people, should learn to embrace our “beautiful imperfections” because that is what makes each one of us unique.

Hiding behind the mirror 

Reflecting who I really am 

Wasting my time always chasing 

That unattainable plan

Last week, I wrote openly about how I struggle with loving myself.  Until earlier this year I wouldn’t look in the mirror and if I did I would look away as fast as possible. I didn’t like the way I looked and wished I looked more beautiful. I have learned in the last couple of months that I should embrace who I am and learn to love the skin I’m in.

The target gets higher 

To fit your desire 

I’m tired of walking the line 

I try to impress 

But keep second guessing myself 

I am always challenging myself as well as other people challenging me. I want to keep on improving and impressing people with my skills. I am so worried about impressing my family and friends that I was beginning to second guess who I was.

So this is me 

Standing front of you 

Revealing my all to you 

The truth in my flaws 

Can we be real 

I’ve stripped down the layers of me 

From who I’m pretending to be 

Will you still love me for me 

and my 

Beautiful Imperfection 

If you want to be friends or acquaintances with me, what you see is what you get. I’m not changing for you. You will see all my flaws and who I really am. I won’t be putting on a facade to try and impress you. Before this year, I wouldn’t say I was pretending but what people thought of me started getting inside my head. I would strive to fit that description instead of striving to be myself.

My freckles 

My wrinkles 

That bit you can hold 

I wouldn’t be me if all those things were all gone 

Little things that might be per-say imperfections are what makes me beautiful and what makes me stand out from the rest of the world.

There are days when I force a smile 

And I cry by myself sometimes 

“There are days where I force a smile,” because I’m too afraid for people to see me when I’m not my happy, bubbly self. If you walked past me you probably wouldn’t know that these past two years were the most difficult years of my life and how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep

They try to change us, to fix, rearrange us 

And They try to mend us with gold 

But some things are beautiful broken 

Like the breaking the mould

This is me and I will only change if “I” want to change. Broken things are absolutely beautiful for example, seeds have to break in order for a flower to grow. If you are currently broken inside, you are so close to becoming a flower.


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