Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly [about].


Photo Credit: Olivia Wyman


I have such strong feeling for traveling and adventure. I started traveling when I was really little. My first time I was ever on a plane when I was 20 months old. I had just been adopted and my family lived in the United States, therefore, the only way from China to the United States was by plane. Of course, I don’t remember this plane ride but let us say this was the beginning of many more plane rides.

Over the years I’ve grown to love flying and adventure. I love exploring a new place that I’ve never visited before whether it is in my home country or around the world. There is no better feeling than being immersed in a new culture and learning everything about it.

I have been very privileged to travel around my beautiful country as well as around the world. I’ve been to 12 states and five countries not including Canada (since my home state is fairly close to Canada).

When you travel you learn so much about yourself. I have learned so much about myself while traveling as well as about others. When you travel you get another perspective about everything.

People who have the Sagittarius star sign are known for “their open mind and philosophical view motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life.” They are also “one of the biggest travelers among all the zodiac signs.” Knowing this makes me realize how much traveling is built in my genes. My life was made to travel the world.

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