1. See the beautiful blue and white houses in Greece

2. Living in Australia for an extended period of time

3. Visit a country in South America

4. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reefs

5. Relax in beautiful Bali

6. Visit my brother for an extended period of time (i.e. more than a couple of days)


7. Publish a book – I’ve already written a book but I am currently still editing and proofreading it.

8. Blog achieve over 100,000 views

9. Learn another language (either Spanish of Mandarin)

10. Graduate college


11. Make a workout plan and stick to it. – I’m active but it is very erratic.

12. Finally feel comfortable with my own body

13. Run in a running competition – Doesn’t matter how long but I would like to run in a race.

14. Grow my nails out – I have always kept them short

15. Cut my hair shorter than comfortable – I love my long hair but I want to cut it short (or my version of short)


16. Get a tattoo – I was thinking a small one on my ankle

17. Go skydiving

18. Go surfing

19. Ride in a hot air balloon

20. Watch sea turtles hatch in the wild

21. Pet a wild kangaroo

22. Take my parents on vacation somewhere

23. See one of my favorite singers in concert

24. Meet Zoey Arielle – Zoey honestly is the sweetest person ever and has helped me so much. I want to personally thank her for everything.

25. Fall in love

If any items on my list are items on your bucket list please let me know. If you have done any of my bucket list items also let me know in the comments below.

***I will give you an update 6 months from now so you can see how many items I’ve crossed off***


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