Favorite Movies & TV Shows


Before I start talking about my personal experiences I still want you to get to know me better so these first couple of weeks will be about you getting to know me. Today’s topic is my favorite TV Shows and Movies. So I guess I will just list my favorite TV shows first and a couple of my favorite movies.


I feel like I shouldn’t tell you this but I will, it took me five months to finish all twelves seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I knew that this was a popular show but I never really had an interest in watching it. Then one day I didn’t have anything to watch so I decided to watch the first episode and I was hooked. I haven’t watched any of the thirteenth season but it is on my to watch list.

Last October my mother left for a couple of days for a business trip so I was alone. I was extremely bored and didn’t have anything to watch since I finished Grey’s Anatomy. I came across Supergirl and watched the first episode and since I was alone I watched binge-watched the whole season in three days. This lead me to watch The Flash, then the Arrow and finally I watched DC Legends of Tomorrow. I am such a DC Comics fan.


I mostly watch TV shows but when I do watch movies I like to documentaries. I know it sounds boring but if you find the right topic you will constantly at the edge of your seat.

Let me know what kinds of TV shows and Movies you watch in the comments below. 🙂


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